Horse Charms Rijhalster
  • Horse Charms Rijhalster
  • Horse Charms Rijhalster
  • Horse Charms Rijhalster
  • Horse Charms Rijhalster
  • Horse Charms Rijhalster

At the Horse Charms ridinghalter we have several options and choices. Make your own ideal ridinghalter, in every color combination!

You can choose if your want the overhand knot and loops below the chin.

Optional you can choose for a browband, headpiece and/or chinpiece/

This way you can softly underlay your ridinghalter.

It's also possible to get brass gold rings on your riding halter, for an extra price.

If your not sure about the size; please measure the nosepart and the browband.

A browband can better be a little bit more loose than too tight.

The nosepiece of the ridinghalter belongs about 2-3cm below the cheekbone at the side of the nose.

You can also decorate your Horse Charms riding halter at the nosepiece and/or browband. Look at our category 'Decorations'.

You can also add some clips if your want, for example on your browband or the side of the ridinghalter.

Keep in mind; Although our ridinghalters have a perfect fit and we take much care of this, it are still ropehalters with knots with pressure points. When you train very intensive we advise to train with a leather bridle to prevent chaving.

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